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AirBaltic Generates Sales With Facebook Ads

18 May 2020

AirBaltic generates sales with Facebook ads. Utilising Augmented Reality ads to inspire travellers to explore their next destination, achieving 2.6X more purchase conversions with the immersive format.
The Latvian airline airBaltic constantly looks for new opportunities to improve both the customer flying experience. It offers competitively priced direct and codeshare flights across its network. AirBaltic’s aim was to capture audience attention in a very competitive marketplace.

Generating sales with Facebook ads 

In a two-phase campaign, airBaltic and agency Mediabrands Digital used Facebook’s Augmented Reality ads to engage potential travellers and motivate them to plan their next trip. First, they targeted ads to people in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania who were interested in travel, and drove awareness with ads in mobile News Feed that used an augmented reality effect to inspire people to choose their next travel destination.
The digital video ads featured a new and improved version of the original augmented reality effect. Rebranded in line with the airline's upcoming sale, driving low- cost conversations. This reached travel-lovers who were already intended to book a trip.

Landing strong sales

airBaltic’s decision to use Augmented Reality ads in its January–March 2020 campaign paid off—the ads drove not only strong brand awareness but also cost-effective sales:

    • 2.6X more purchase conversions with Augmented Reality ad, compared to other ad formats in the same campaign


    • 51% higher return on ad spend with Augmented Reality ad


    • 2X lower cost per ad recall, compared to all 2019 brand awareness campaigns


    • 4.7X higher return on ad spend, compared to 2019 brand awareness campaigns 

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