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Arla Explorers Boosting Brand Awareness

02 May 2020

Arla Explorers boosting brand awareness with it's a range of dairy snacks designed and developed for little hands. Packed with natural ingredients and reduced sugar Arla is committed to creating fun snacks for children. By utilizing Facebook video ads, the brand managed to boost its awareness by an impressive 7.5 points. Find out how in this blog.

The brand 

With headquartered in Denmark, Arla Foods is a multinational dairy cooperative. The largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia. Its brands include household names such as Lurpak butter and Castello cheese. Arla wanted to raise awareness among parents for its new Arla Explorers, a range of reduced-sugar fruit yoghurts with added bubbles.

Boosting brand awareness

As part of a major launch campaign across TV and social media in Denmark, Arla created a series of short vertical ads for mobile on Facebook and Instagram.
The ad creative was developed by Arla’s in-house team, The Barn, and featured bright primary colours designed to reflect the colourful swirl of the yoghurt. One ad highlighted the nutritional benefits of Explorers, such as its reduced sugar and calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Another ad featured a fast, colourful animation, followed by a child showing a delighted reaction to the bubbles in the yoghurt.
All of the ads followed best practice for mobile video creative, lasting no more than 10 seconds and showing the brand within three seconds. The ads ran in Facebook and Instagram feed and in Stories.

The success 

Arla Foods’ short, punchy ads for its product launch helped establish the Explorers range among parents. In November 2019, the campaign achieved:

    • 7.5-point lift in brand awareness


    • 12-point lift in ad recall


    • 26% of the target group was reached only on Facebook/Instagram, compared with 25% reached only by TV


    • 83% of the target group was reached on Facebook, Instagram and TV combined

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