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Victoria Beckham - Success With Facebook Messenger

23 October 2019

Finding innovative ways to attract more customers and stand out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult with marketing noise coming in from all angles of our everyday lives. That’s why when a company does successfully manage to reach more customers in a non-traditional way, its always an interesting read.
Victoria Beckham Ltd. launched in 2008 with the aim of creating a fashion line for the modern world with a distinctive edge. Since that time, the brand is stocked in 400 stores in over 50 countries worldwide. The brand showcased their first ready-to-wear fashion line at the London Fashion Week in September 2018 as part of their 10-year anniversary.

Finding Unique Ways To Promote “Edgy” Fashion

The digital world is a breeding ground for innovative ideas to flourish. Victoria Beckham Ltd. has been able to make the most of this when the company partnered with its agency, Byte, to give fashion fans a full, behind-the-scenes experience like never before.
To achieve this, the company used Facebook Messenger to share its 10-year anniversary collection with fans in the run-up to the London Fashion Week. In order to engage with their fans, they used a bot for Messenger to communicate on behalf of the brand with thousands of people at once. So not to be disingenuous, the team worked closely with Victoria Beckham herself and used her own words to create an automated script that allowed people to have a direct conversation with the bot.
For a brand, there aren't many better ways to get fans involved with the company than to interact directly with them. To initiate this, the bot sent a simple teaser to people on the Victoria Beckham Facebook Page using the Messenger feature letting them opt-in to get further information in real-time. The next stage featured exclusive product drops, which allowed fans to see and purchase items within Messenger. The team also shared behind-the-scenes videos of Victoria with an exclusive invitation to watch the show at The London Fashion Week.
Getting feedback from your audience is the best way of ensuring that you’re on the right lines with your content. Once the capsule collection made an appearance at the London Fashion Week, the team sent messages giving fans a round-up of the collection and asked them for their thoughts on what they saw. As a result, not only did the fans feel involved throughout the whole experience with a brand they love, but Victoria Beckham was also able to receive real-time feedback about her collection. 
Taking an unorthodox approach can sometimes be the best method of attracting more customers, this is especially true in the fashion industry where standing out is often the main objective. The campaign ran during the month of September in 2018 and created a unique experience for fashion fans. The figures from this are remarkable:

    • 86% average read rate for push messages (4X higher than email)


    • Over 60,000 conversations in 3 weeks


    • 25% click-through rate for collection content


    • 65% of people who visited the experience subscribed to receive updates


    • 8 mins 24 secs average time spent chatting with bot

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