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Axel Arigato - Selling in Style on Facebook and Instagram

23 October 2019

The fashion industry is perfect for social media advertising. The nature of the sector means that fashion brands can make the most use of what social media has to offer. This is because social media advertising is primarily image-based where the consumer’s purchasing decision is heavily influenced by the appearance of a product and how it's presented.
This advertising method provides a lot of potential for growth and is crying out for a company to capitalise on it. Sweedish based contemporary footwear and fashion business, Axel Arigato is doing just that.

What was their goal?

The main goal of their Facebook and Instagram campaign was to raise awareness and put their brand image in front of more people. Being able to measure the success of this campaign was also important to the fashion company as they wanted to ensure that their marketing budget was being utilised in the most effective way. 
A brand new audience was the target for Axel Arigato’s social media campaign. In the UK, a 4-week campaign was launched which used dynamic ads to target a broad range of men and women. The campaign used a variety of ad formats, including Facebook and Instagram link ads, the collection format, video ads and Instagram Stories.
The benefit of a broad target was that it allowed the brand to reach potential consumers who had expressed interest in their products, or similar ones, even if they hadn't yet visited their website. By using the existing online UK audience as a base, Axel Arigato was able to use lookalike audience targeting to find more people with a similar profile.
Dynamic ads allow sellers to showcase products to consumers that they had already seen on the website but didn't purchase, this allows them to be reminded more frequently of the product they were once interested in. 
The Facebook and Instagram campaign not only helped Axel Arigato to raise awareness but also attracted many new customers. The campaign ran between March 18 - April 18, 2019, and the results are as follows:

    • 19-point lift in brand awareness


    • 17-point lift in purchase intent


    • 26-point lift in ad recall

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