Unit 1 Wearable Tech

15 May 2020
Unit 1 is a wearable tech company specialising in ski and snowboard helmets with detachable headphones. This brand is changing the way you listen to music both on and off the slopes. Passionate about safety but with the added benefit of music. The unique walkie-talkie function allows you to stay in touch with your friends while skiing. Earning  4,700 leads from potential ski helmet customers by utilizing Facebook. Unit 1 was able to reach 1.9 million people with lookalike audiences.

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Industrial designer Juan founded Unit 1 after spending years being frustrated that traditional headphones and ski helmets simply did not mix. In 2016, he assembled a team of skiers, designers and engineers to create a groundbreaking ski and snowboard helmet. With detachable headphones not compromising comfort or sound quality.

Building a buzz for Black Friday

Unit 1 wanted to build brand awareness and systematically generate demand for its products in time for the Black Friday sales period. For this campaign, the business was especially keen to identify and act on intent signals from people in the US who were interested in buying a Unit 1 ski helmet.

Acting on audience intent

Unit 1 worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Apache Digital to design and run a campaign across all Facebook and Instagram. The team used US weather data and Facebook interest targeting to create a broad audience. Focusing on people living in snowy areas of the country and who had an interest in snow sports. These people saw short, memorable, product-focused video ads introducing Unit 1’s ski helmets, with carousels showcasing the different colours available.
With the Facebook pixel already installed on its website, Unit 1 was then able to identify people who had engaged with the awareness ads. Showing them further ads to generate leads. Unit 1 and Apache Digital used Facebook’s lead ads at this stage in the sales. Making it quick and easy for people to register for perks such as free shipping and giveaways.
Then, the team prepared to reach even more potential customers by then creating a lookalike audience based on people who completed the lead forms.
The conversion phase of the four-month campaign coincided with the Black Friday shopping period. By then, Unit 1 had cultivated two audiences that signalled potential to buy: people who had completed a lead form, and the lookalike audience of similar people. Unit 1 retargeted photo ads with different creative to leads that encouraged them to make a purchase and showed further ads to the lookalike audience. During this critical conversion phase, Apache Digital ran split tests to identify the best-performing images, videos and featured products and found, for instance, that ads promoting percentage discounts performed considerably better than ads showing the sale price itself.

Peak performance

Unit 1’s strategic campaign reached almost two million snow sports fans and helped build valuable audiences of people who displayed high levels of intent to purchase. Final results from the September 2019–January 2020 campaign included:

  • 4,700 leads in 14 days

  • 2X return on ad spend

  • 1.9 million people reached

  • 1.6 million ThruPlay views

This blog was originally taken from Facebook. For more blogs like this visit our website. To learn more about Unit 1 check them out here.
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