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The City Bank - Success on Facebook

04 October 2019

The City Bank located in Bangladesh was founded in 1983. Since then, it has transformed from a traditional organisation into a multi-faceted company priding themselves on being at the forefront of technological initiatives. 
With the goal of being the most complete bank in the country, City Bank wanted to precisely reach and connect with its potential customers, while creating awareness and generating quality leads in a cost-effective way for its newly introduced co-branded credit card for the country’s largest retail superstore chain.
In order to achieve this, City Bank used both online and offline marketing techniques in a well-rounded approach to raising awareness of the new credit card. This meant running a 2-phase campaign in partnership with its digital marketing agency, Mighty Byte.
City Bank first focused on creating awareness for the card among people living in urban areas aged 25-50, with a minimum household income of 30,000 Bangladeshi taka. This specific audience targeting meant that City Bank could show their adverts to exactly who they wanted to see them - which increased the efficiency of their marketing expenditure.
The Facebook pixel was installed on the microsite to provide rich insights into the behaviours and the type of actions that people took when visiting the page. The bank then used this information to reconnect with those most likely to be interested, by showing them relevant Facebook ads to remind them of rewarding store experiences they could get with the card.
After this phase, City Bank then moved onto the generate leads for the new card. To do this, they created a customer audience of people who had previously watched the videos and lookalike audiences based on them - supplied them lead ads to re-engage. These leads ads make it easier for people to submit their details by automatically filling the forms with their personal details to improve convenience. 
The results achieved an outstanding return for their newly introduced credit card, as between December 2017 - July 2018, the campaign saw:

    • 10,000 leads generated


    • 3.9 million people reached in Dhaka and Chittagong


    • 70% of the target audience reached (surpassing goal of 65%)


    • 55% of successful applications were attributable to the 6-month campaign (online and offline)

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