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Social Success- Pinko

20 December 2019
Using Facebook Attribution, an Italian fashion brand tracked a campaign aimed at women in key countries around the world, resulting in an 8.8X increase in purchase conversions and a 79% higher return on ad spend.

Fashion Forward

Founded in Italy in the late 1980s, PINKO is a fashion brand made for strong, independent women. Their eclectic and contemporary collections appeal to those looking for a unique style. The brand currently has 242 stores and is still expanding around the world. 
The brand aimed to increase online sales and boost sales and visits for its physical retail stores. It also wanted to expand into new markets, including the US. In order to do this, they targeted an audience of women aged 18–54 with interests including fashion, luxury fashion, fashion shoppers and PINKO competitors. 
The advertising and technology team at PINKO's agency Intarget helped the company create a campaign that could be measured throughout each phase. Using several platforms- mainly focusing on Instagram and Facebook, they wanted to increase brand awareness with the campaign. They used Facebook Insights to establish their target audiences. 

The Strategy

PINKO’s campaign strategy aimed to cover the entire customer journey, by creating different types of ads best suited to each of its target audiences at each stage, they were able to achieve this. The ad creative was adapted and tested in several formats, including photo, video, Stories and carousel. They launched the campaign in a range of countries including Italy, France, Spain, Russia, German, Poland, Belgium and the US. The campaign was also targeted to prospective customers who visit or make purchases on their website.

Targeting the right consumer

The fashion brand used Facebook Attribution during the campaign to understand the impact its ads were having on purchases. As the typical PINKO shopper makes their purchases online, Facebook Attribution was used to see how the campaign drove specific actions in later stages of the customer journey, particularly the “add-to-cart” and “purchase” steps. 
Facebook Attribution showed PINKO that its April–July 2019 campaign had increased engagement and purchases, and yielded a much higher return on ad spend compared to previous campaigns. The results showed a 4.3X lift in add-to-cart conversions as well as 8.8X lift in purchase conversions. It also showed a 98% lower cost per purchase and 79% lift in return on ad spend.
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