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02 January 2020

Read how GANT the international clothing brand boosted their returns on ad spend with a simple three-phase Facebook campaign.

This global fashion retailer based in Norway with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden reached a 4.4X return on ad spend in Germany and Austria with a multi-stage Facebook campaign that focused on reaching a broad audience before retargeting ads to likely customers. 

Preppy icon 

GANT’S mantra is  “never stop learning” which stems from the life of its founder Berl Gantmacher originally from Ukraine and arrived in New York City as a teenager before setting up a shirt-making business. GANT enjoys very strong brand awareness in Nordic countries. It wanted to use digital marketing to maintain this strong brand connection with its audience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well while boosting sales in a cost-effective manner.

Creating a well- planned journey 

Working alongside media agency Precis Digital, GANT focused on three KPIs (key performance indicator): reach, conversions and catalogue sales. The first portion of the campaign focused solidly on reach. GANT directed their attention to ads in order to broaden their audience of men, women 18 and older, living in Germany and Austria.
Phase two of the campaign focused on people who had previously engaged with the brand. Facebook pixel helped it find people who had visited the website or made a previous purchase.
Finally phase three of the campaign, target ads to people who had looked at products on GANT’s website within the last week. Ad sets were divided into four product categories (men, women, kids/teen and home) also people who viewed or added products to their cart but didn't follow through with purchases. A variety of ads were used, including single image and video ads as well as the carousel and collection formats. All assets were optimised to work on mobile devices as well as desktop. The campaign also used automatic placements to run ads across Facebook and Instagram in the most cost-effective way.

The results 

GANT’s campaign running from May 30–June 30, 2019, proved to be well-targeted helping reach a larger demographic while driving sales in a cost-effective way. During this time the campaign achieved a 4.4X lift in return on ads spend and a 52% lift in conversions. Proving that this was a well-tailored campaign. 
This post was originally taken from Facebook. Check out GANT's website for more.