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Lifting Sales with Little Mistress

09 April 2020
This luxury fashion eCommerce brand Little Mistress used Black Friday as an opportunity lifting sales by 94%. Compared to the previous years after using polling stickers for its ads in Instagram stories.

Accessible fashion 

Little Mistress is a woman fashion label that turns the latest catwalk trends into accessible and affordable luxury clothing. The “Party Guilt-Free” Campaign has been a great success for Little Mistress working with visualsoft and Instagram. Providing a considerable lift in sales. After initially being unsure of the value of paid social media, Visualsoft was able to provide proof of actual monetary value, and a difference to their bottom line.

Lifting sales and campaign awareness

Little Mistress wanted to reach its target audience of ethical fashionistas with its “Party Guilt-Free” campaign. This featured collections that are made with recycled materials and designed by notable influencers. It also wanted to prove the incremental value that Instagram ads have for the business.

Engaging questions 

Little Mistress wanted to showcase its products whilst pushing an ethical message. The brand was selected for a fully funded Instagram product test. Together with visualsoft, they developed a campaign for Instagram Stories using interactive polling stickers. Little Mistress used the polling stickers to ask people to guess how many recycled plastic bottles were used to create a series of outfits from its collection. This interactive element on top of product images made the campaign more memorable, especially as the high number of recycled bottles was typically a huge surprise.
The ad was designed to match the bold, high-impact nature of Little Mistress designs. After the polling stickers, an end screen featured the words “Party Guilt-Free with our new sustainable collection”. They were then instructed to swipe up to visit the Little Mistress website.
This product test helped Little Mistress reach a huge audience that it would not have otherwise, increasing awareness significantly, and later incorporated the test into its Black Friday sales strategy by retargeting ads to this audience. The company ran a conversion lift study to measure the impact of the Instagram ads during its October 24–November 7, 2019 campaign, which achieved:

  • 24% lift in “add to cart” conversions from best-performing ad

  • 94% increase in Black Friday sales compared to the previous year

  • 2.8 million people reached

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