Karriere.at: Engaging The Passive Job Seekers

10 October 2019

We recently hosted a workshop on recruitment and talent acquisition, during this event we showed our guests how to use social media effectively to connect with top talent. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out to the right people in today's competitive working environment, that’s why we find it impressive when a company not only manages to reach passive candidates but also get them to engage with their website.
This is exactly what was achieved by Karriere.at, an Austrian job portal. The brand managed to boost signups and double CV submissions after promoting the most relevant job postings with Facebook Ads to people who were looking for a new role in their career.
Karriere.at was established in 2004 by 3 close friends. It operates as a central hub bringing jobseekers and employers together by publishing new jobs every day, this service is supplemented with regular career tips for candidates as well as a tool that helps people easily create their CV on the portal.
What was the overall aim of the ads? The main goal of their campaign was to encourage new people to sign up and submit their CV, whilst inspiring them to explore the job postings on the website.
The campaign lasted for 7-months and ran on a nationwide scale. The ads were calibrated with the conversions objective set up and were delivered across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. In order to appeal to local preferences, each region of Austria received different ad sets so that they would show job opportunities based on the locations that were relevant to the viewer of that advert. The decision to use the link ad format allowed Karriere.at to direct people to specific web pages and job postings.
Maintaining a cost-effective marketing budget is no easy task but Facebook ads made this possible. Firstly, the exclusions feature allowed Karriere.at to avoid showing ads to people who had already signed up. Retargeted dynamic ads were then shown to people featuring jobs they had previously looked at, as well as opportunities that were similar and might be of interest. This helped Karriere.at to see even more clicks on job postings than they might not have seen with standard ads.
The campaign ran between May 2018 - November 2018 and boosted the number of active users on the site. The results speak for themselves:

    • 36% more new users, compared to other channels


    • 2X more CVs submitted than previous months


    • 50% lower cost per click

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