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How smart devices are redefining the beverage industry

04 July 2020

On the first day of summer, you head out for drinks with friends. While you're waiting for them, you order an iced tea. On a whim, you take a photo of your ice-cold delight and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #summerdrinks. Impulsive? Maybe, but far from uncommon: today's Instagrammer interested in beverages is swift-thinking, decisive and quick to share.

Beverages, brands and buyers

In a recent collaborative study with our in-house consumer insights team, we learned that just like the beverage decision itself, mobile is both impulsive and social – with 41% even agreeing that photos and videos on Instagram influence their beverage purchase decision.1 And as beverage shopping becomes increasingly diverse and connected, people are using their smartphones to seek out, learn about and discuss their drinks in new ways – particularly in NY, Chicago, London and São Paulo.2
But the activity doesn't just stop there. These Instagrammers are scrolling, sharing and searching Instagram more and more, even visiting the platform 22 times per day – that's 8 more sessions a day compared to the average global Instagrammer. Needless to say, with so much frequency amongst Instagrammers, especially between 3-6 pm PST, beverage brands have more opportunities than ever to connect when thirst (and impulse) strikes.2


To define itself as the official beer of summertime and Carnival, Brazil's best-selling beverage brand, Skol (@skol), partnered with Instagram and agency F/Nazca to launch a video campaign created exclusively for Instagram stories. 

 Redefining the beverage industry

Instagram data, US (compared to global audience), ages 18-65+, females & males. Based on data from 28 days prior to 11 May 2017 that used drink-related hashtags.
For the campaign, the brand decided to show its innovative side by becoming the first Brazilian company to test stories – and the results were as big as Carnival itself.
Targeted at people all across Brazil (18+ years old), the campaign's message encouraged viewers to think outside the box and enjoy the summer's most outgoing celebration with Skol. As a result, the brand's ad recall jumped by 29 pts, and the total number of people who saw Skol as the beer most closely tied to summer (primarily amongst women) increased by 3 pts.
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[This blog was originally taken from Instagram.]