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How Gather Social used Facebook to reach 27.7 million people for well-known builder merchants.

12 March 2020
At the beginning of 2019, nationwide builders merchants approached Gather Social to increase their revenue through digital marketing. Their objectives were simple:

  • Grow their page fanbase 

  • Increase engagement 

  • Increase brand awareness 

  • Drive target website traffic

  • Increase revenue from the website

With these goals in mind, Gather Social developed a year-long plan to kickstart their social media, using paid-for traffic and engagement strategies across the Facebook product family, the main focus was to expand the overall reach. Reach refers to the number of unique users exposed to your ad. In digital marketing, this can refer to the number of unique users reached in a digital campaign.

Increasing engagement 

To do this we developed a Social Media traffic and engagement campaign that ran across all platforms, including the audience network.  These adverts were a mixture of educational, seasonal and product-specific which ran alongside the engagement campaign to achieve their objectives. The top organic posts to Instagram between Feb 2019 and Feb 2020 were product-specific towards bathroom suites and kitchen inspiration. The top organic images in this campaign reached up to 35K people with up to 3K post clicks, directly linking to the web page. The top organic Instagram posts by likes from Feb 2019 - Feb 2020 were landscape pictures.
Prior to Gather, the business was using their social platforms to post content without any objective or consistency, the team struggled for time and therefore social media wasn’t a huge priority. Switching to more relevant content ensured that the people engaging with the page were actually interested in the products available. This made driving website traffic with qualified people much easier. Additionally, identifying product interests was made even more accurate by focusing initially on engagement based on product and not entertainment. 

Increasing brand awareness 

In just one year the content was viewed by over 27 million people. We did this by generating audiences through Facebook who showed an interesting in specific products, for example, people who are moving house, people who are renovating their homes and tradespeople. By targeting content towards these audiences it increased their brand awareness amongst a new customer base, whilst driving traffic to their website.  An unexpected result was the significant growth in post impressions by 35.25 million. This increase came as a result of increased brand awareness. Quite simple more people were exposed to the brand on social media and went onto to search from them directly at a later date. 

Increasing fanbase and traffic

Turning your fanbase into a community really is the best way to build a highly engaging, inspired and thriving core of fans. Creating engaging and useful content that people will want to interact has resulted in significant page growth and organic reach. In the space of one year, this company was able to get a 60% increase in new users most of which had come directly from social media platforms. Increasing transactions by 21% and as a result, increasing their revenue by 31%. 

Campaign statistics 

  • 60% increase in new users on the website

  • 27.7 million in reach 

  • Post impressions up by 4,327%

  • 1,751 average daily clicks 

  • Revenue up by 31%.

If you are interested in working with Gather Social visit our website and get in touch