AZAL & Buta Airways

13 March 2020

Delivering a great customer service experience with help from WhatsApp Business API
AZAL & Buta Airways decided to extend its customer support to WhatsApp, delivering fast and proactive assistance which resulted in 15% fewer customer calls. Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) was founded in 1992 in the former Soviet republic of the same name. It has become a top airline company, offering flights to over 50 destinations in Asia, Europe, and Central Asia, and has won several awards for its services. In 2016, it launched the low-cost airline company Buta Airways.

Ready for take-off 

The goal was simple, create quick, convenient conversations with customers, AZAL had been using multiple help desk channels to connect with customers, but found the process somewhat disjointed. To improve customer service, the airline wanted a reliable and seamless channel that would allow its team to quickly respond.
As WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in Azerbaijan, AZAL used this to their advantage and decided to use it to connect with their customers. The carrier officially launched its WhatsApp services in December 2019. Initially facilitated by a third-party software integrator, AZAL migrated to customer service software provider Zendesk, which seamlessly integrated all of AZAL’s help desk channels with minimal changes, including WhatsApp. Customers could access WhatsApp services through AZAL and Buta Airways’s mobile websites, or message a specific number to use the WhatsApp chat. AZAL and Buta Airways’ social media pages also contained WhatsApp as a support channel for customer care.

The sky-high results 

AZAL and Buta Airways has used WhatsApp Business API to improve the quality and speed of customer responses. With 20 agents trained to use the system, it has helped the airline company achieve these results:

    • 60% of AZAL and Buta Airways customer service queries received via WhatsApp and email


    • Over 20% increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT) score after integrating WhatsApp


    • Up to 15% decrease in customer call


    • 24,000 messages with over 9,000 customers (December 6, 2019–January 15, 2020)


    • 6 minutes to respond to customers’ initial queries

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