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Colgate UK

01 February 2020
Using Facebook video ads to draw attention to a Colgate toothpaste relaunch. 
This leading oral care brand boosted sales of its new Colgate Total toothpaste by 7.1% in the UK after running a mobile-first video campaign across Facebook and Instagram.
First marketed in 1873, Colgate is the world’s most popular toothpaste brand. Now part of the Colgate-Palmolive group, whose products are used, trusted and loved every day by millions of people globally. From oral care to personal care, from home care to pet nutrition, Colgate-Palmolive’s goal is to make products that make the world smile.

Boosting sales

Colgate decided to launch a new formula of total toothpaste, advertising the campaign across multiple media channels. Promoting the idea of a healthy mouth and drive sales of the new Colgate Total range.
Colgate noticed that health and wellness are big business across Facebook and Instagram especially around yoga, physical fitness and weight training. This made the perfect environment to raise the issue surrounding oral hygiene and the importance of “whole mouth health” enforcing Colgate Total toothpaste as the ideal solution for this.

Smiles all round

Colgate’s agency RedFuse worked with Facebook Creative Shop to create multiple video assets designed for Facebook and Instagram feed and Stories. The ad creative played on the idea of getting “mouth fit”, using a split-screen format to combine the notion of dental hygiene with health and wellness activities such as yoga, daily training and skipping.
The creative assets followed Facebook’s best practice guidelines for mobile–using clear branding and messaging within the first few seconds, framed for mobile and designed for sound-off viewing.
Broad targeting was used to reach all potential buyers of Colgate Total (male and female, aged 18 and older), while Facebook’s people-based targeting made it possible to target the ads to people interested in health and wellness topics to drive relevancy.
An offline sales lift study was commissioned in partnership with data science analysts dunnhumby to understand the effect of the campaign on in-store purchases. The study analysed sales of Colgate Total products, as well as the halo effect on the broader Colgate portfolio.
Colgate’s well-planned campaign on Facebook and Instagram helped launch a new version of Colgate Total and established oral health as a part of an effective daily fitness routine. Between July 3–30, 2019, the campaign achieved:

  • 7.1% lift in sales for Colgate Total varieties featured

  • 1.8X return on ad spend for all Colgate products

  • 39% of sales lift driven by new buyers

  • 12 million people reached

  • 1.3% lift in sales for other Colgate products

This blog post was originally taken from Facebook.