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Boosting sales with Messenger for Crew Clothing

25 June 2020

Boosting sales with messenger Crew Clothing who specialise in casual wear, shoes and accessories for men and women engaged younger customers with a friendly gift-finding Messenger experience. Resulting in an impressive 47% of conversations resulted in sales.

Connecting with buyers 


British lifestyle brand Crew Clothing was founded in 1993 on Devon’s south coast by ski and windsurfing devotee Alastair Parker-Swift. The first casualwear collection was based around Crew’s now-iconic branded rugby shirt, a style which has remained a staple in the brand’s collections ever since. In addition to an online store, Crew Clothing has 81 shops in cities and coastal towns across the UK. During the 2019 pre-Christmas period, Crew Clothing was keen to position itself as an ideal brand for gifting and to boost sales, particularly with the under-34 demographic.

Boosting sales with Messenger


Crew Clothing was ready to take an innovative approach to connect with younger gift-buying audiences, so it turned to Facebook Marketing Partner The Bot Platform to help create a fun and friendly Messenger experience.
When people started a conversation with the brand in Messenger, an animated character led them through a series of engaging questions that narrowed gift options down by gender, price and personal style. It was then easy for people to click through and make a purchase, once they had identified the perfect gift.

Shoring up sales


By bringing a sense of fun to its November–December 2019 Christmas campaign, Crew Clothing successfully engaged younger audiences and saw strong conversions from interactions with its Messenger experience:

    • 47% of Messenger experience conversations led to a purchase


    • 5X return on ad spend


This blog was originally taken from Facebook. Check out more just like it here. Shop Crew Clothing here