Boosting Reach And Targeting A Younger Audience With Worten

07 December 2020

Worten is one of the biggest electronics retailers in Portugal, boasting an impressive 180 physical stores that sell everything from mobile phones to household appliances and white goods. In addition to their physical stores, their substantial online presence also operates as a marketplace for smaller traders to buy and sell from. In 2009, Worten decided to expand its stores to Spain, in which it now has 40 stores. 

However, the electronics retailers wanted to broaden its appeal to a younger audience of retailers. According to YPulsem, in 2020 the spending power of millennials came to over £1.8 trillion. So Worten took to Facebook and Instagram to create video ads that would run alongside their television ads and appeal to an audience that finds all of their content online. 

Online Ads

Worten worked in partnership with an online data specialist Kantar, to monitor and maximise the effectiveness of its new online ads. They wanted to understand how Facebook and Instagram may add to its existing significant TV advertising presence. In order to do this, Worten repurposed its existing adverts into shorter, videos that were optimised for mobile use. 

These adverts were set to run on Facebook and Instagram in order to appeal to their new target. They were able to allow Facebook to deliver ads at the lowest cost per reach by using automatic placements for their campaign. 


As a result of this, Worten’s Facebook and Instagram ads proved to complement their existing TV campaign flawlessly, and between June 3–30, 2020, the campaign achieved:

  • 7.2% incremental reach from Facebook over a national TV campaign that reached 89% of the audience in Portugal
  • 67% of people exposed to Facebook and Instagram ads were under 50, compared with 46% for TV
  • 3X higher frequency of ad exposure from Facebook among lighter TV viewers

Iberian Marketing Director of Worten, Inês Drummond Borges commented on the success of the Facebook and Instagram ads saying:

“It is very important to understand how Facebook’s combined performance with TV works. In this campaign, Facebook and Instagram added 7.2% incremental reach to an already very large 89% reach on TV, with a higher proportion of younger audiences and relevant incremental frequency among light TV viewers, which proves its added value to our media mix.”

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