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Boosting downloads with AkOde

11 September 2020
Turkish bank AkOde utilised a digital wallet app boosting downloads and giving their customers a try-before-you-buy experience, converting 50% of installs into registrations and slashing the user registration cost by 35%. 

A new way of banking

Tosla is a money transfer platform used by many in Turkey. It is mostly aimed towards younger clientele and is used for online shopping and quick and easy bank transfers between friends and family!
They decided they wanted to run a campaign to encourage young people to install the app and use it alongside their wallet!

Boosting downloads

It was vital that Tosla stood out from the crowd and their app was different to other competitors so they worked with marketing agency  Hype, AkOde who decide that an immersive experience was the best way to go. By using video games Facebook playable ads offered the perfect solution.
A playable ad begins with a short video, with game controls overlaid to indicate that the ad is playable. When people tap a playable ad, they enter a short, interactive, full-screen demo of an app or game without having to install anything.
AkOde’s playable ads highlighted how easy the Tosla app is to use, mimicking its bright colours and the swiping action people can take in the app to send money. The bank also ran video and photo ads without the playable aspect. People were encouraged to install the app using the call-to-action link on the final screen of each of the ads.

A service you can bank on

AkOde’s Facebook campaign helped to boost young tech savvy millennials to download the app. Between November–December 2019, the playable ad campaign achieved:

  • 50% of installs from campaign converted into the registration

  • 35% decrease in cost per user registration

  • 5X higher click-through rate with playable ad format

  • 12-point lift in ad recall

  • 8-point lift in brand awareness

This blog was originally adapted from Facebook, to read more just like it check out our blogs page. If you are interested in using Facebook videos ads to boost your campaign contact us here and we will arrange a FREE virtual workshop.