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Boosting brand awareness with DEINHANDY

30 July 2020
By utilising Instagram to promote Germany online mobile retailer DEUNHANDY accessed new audiences boosting brand awareness by 4.7 points.
“We were able to prove the value of adding Stories with optimised creatives to our format mix across the Instagram and Facebook family of apps. Not only were we able to increase our reach and awareness significantly, but we were also able to lower the cost of influenced people! With these insights, we are better able to deliver on our goals.”

Adding customers

DEINHANDY wanted to celebrate their fifth birthday by raising awareness of its fantastic services across Germany and therefore increasing online sales. 
To establish whether Instagram and Facebook Stories were an effective ad placement. DEINHANDY ran its mobile-first campaign in two cells: the first in Instagram and Facebook feed only; the second in Facebook and Instagram feed and Stories.
The short videos followed best practices for ad creative. This included showing the logo and corporate colours early on, followed by a selection of deals on popular products.

Boosting brand awareness

The fifth-anniversary campaign ran from September 23–October 21, 2019, and achieved:

  • The 4.7-point increase in brand awareness after adding Stories to feed

  • 72,000 more people made aware of the DEINHANDY brand after adding Stories

  • 70% lower cost per incremental person being made aware of DEINHANDY after adding Stories

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[This blog was originally taken from Instagram, Check out DEINHANDY here.]