Why Social Media Ads Boost SEO

23 April 2019

Although on the face of it, Facebook and Google are separate entities, the two aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to marketing. In fact, they are very complexly intertwined. Facebook Ads have been proven to boost SEO.
No one knows to what degree they influence each other nor can they directly prove what causes boosts in SEO. But what people can prove is a direct correlation between social media reach and search engine rankings.

Link Building

Backlinks have been a key part of SEO strategy for years. As the theory goes, the more good quality links to a site that a company has, the more authoritative they seem and thus the more valuable it appears to Google. As we know, Google places a lot of value on authoritative sites, meaning that they soar in the rankings.
Applying this to Facebook strategy, well thought out and engaging posts attract traffic and good posts encourage more shares and more backlinks.
Through ads, you are able to show your content to more end users and increase your Facebook following, thus creating more backlinks and engagement in the future. Something which highlights the next point very well...


Through paying for ads, you are exposing your brand to a larger audience. More exposure to a page means that you are able to increase your brand awareness. More brand awareness and effective marketing mean that your brand will be in the mind of the consumer when they are searching for a relevant product or service, resulting in a direct increase of people searching for your business or product.
You may also notice in your Google Analytics that an increase in direct traffic goes hand in hand with an increase in traffic coming from ‘Other’. Other refers to traffic from Social Media (after all, Google wouldn’t want to advertise how effective your new Facebook marketing strategy is as you’ll stop paying for PPC ads).

Reduced bounce rate

If users are engaged from an add they are more likely to stay on the site and look for more information on whatever it was that the add attracted them to. Whether that is more information about the ad itself, the company or other relevant content, users coming from social media are more engaged.
Lower bounce rates have a direct correlation on SEO rankings meaning that it is vital to optimising the right pages for the right traffic.

Ranking for your social media accounts

When searching your own business you may find that the business’ social media pages appear in the Google rankings (often just after the company’s home page).
Your company’s social media accounts offer a plethora of information about your business and are very high value for people researching your company. High-value social media pages are just as important as your own website in 2019.
If you want to boost your company’s social media and SEO, contact us today to learn how we’ve streamlined our process to get results.

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