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What’s Trending on TikTok This Month - May 2024?

03 May 2024

As we head into another exciting month filled with laughter, creativity, and viral trends, let's take a closer look at what's been lighting up our feeds for May 2024. From the return of classic TikTok dances (Lockdown throwback 👀) to the viral Baby Reindeer, TikTok continues to be the ultimate destination for all things trending and entertaining. So, grab your phone, fire up the app, and let's explore what’s trending on TikTok this month! 

TikTok Dances

Guess who’s back - it’s the return of TikTok dances. Creators from all corners of the platform are bringing back catchy choreographies we all know and love which is sure to have you dusting off those dancing shoes. One that stands out to us is the “The Way We Are” sound, which sees creators walk into the shot, followed by an iconic slide. It’s a trend that’s taken TikTok by storm, with users getting super creative with how they incorporate it into their videos. From prom reveals to office antics that'll have you in stitches (check out Gather Social's hilarious take 😉 – trust us, we won't spill on how long we spent perfecting it), this trend is all about bringing the fun back to your feed! 


Get ready to hop on the Baby Reindeer bandwagon because this Netflix sensation is taking the world by storm, and social media is buzzing with excitement.  Since its release in April, Baby Reindeer has been captivating audiences worldwide, racking up an impressive 2.6 million views within its first few days on the streaming platform. Fast forward to April 21st, and that number soared to a whopping 13.3 million views, proving just how binge-worthy this show truly is. It's no surprise that the #BabyReindeer hashtag is dominating TikTok feeds this month, with users everywhere expressing their astonishment upon discovering that this gripping series is based on a true story. From heartfelt reactions to deep dives into the backstory, TikTok creators are jumping headfirst into the conversation, sharing their thoughts, emotions, and insights about this must-watch show.

Hard at work or hardly working? 

The "I'm Working Late" trend on TikTok, set to Sabrina Carpenter's catchy sound "Espresso”,  has taken off, offering a humorous take on the daily work-life grind. With creators like @sophielouiseclay leading the charge, this trend has gained traction. The video aims to portray the reasons why people work late, from being a procrastinator to being a small business owner. Creators are adding their own twists to each video and making them as funny or as serious as they like. The relatability of the situation paired with Carpenter's upbeat track has struck a chord with TikTok users worldwide, making "I'm Working Late" the perfect soundtrack for anyone hustling through the night.

(Burning) Love Holidays

As summer approaches, TikTok users are already embracing the spirit of holidays with a viral audio trend. This trend captures the anticipation and excitement of travel (even if the current weather doesn’t quite match the vibe) In these videos, creators film themselves in an airport setting before leaping over the screen, revealing themselves at their dream holiday destination. The playful nature of these videos, combined with the element of surprise, has captivated audiences and inspired countless iterations. This version by creators @sueandgeoff is one of our personal favourites. 🥹 This is one to look out for if you’re planning on hitting the holiday hotspots this summer, and a fun one to do in the airport with friends and family! 

That's all folks for this month! Keep an eye on our blog page for updates, tips, and tricks on social media marketing. We've got all you need to level up your social media content. Catch you later! 👋