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What’s Trending On TikTok This Month? - July 2023

24 July 2023

We’re back again with our TikTok trends blog! We discuss the hottest trends on TikTok right now and let you know how your business and brand can take advantage of them. Read on to learn more. 


Creators are sinking their teeth into Olivia Rodrigo's new single "Vampire." It’s absolutely everywhere on the platform. Knowing which new tracks are doing well on TikTok is so essential, especially when you need a trendy pop song to accompany your next day in the life vlog, clothing haul or cooking video. 

Part of being a good TikTok Marketeer is about keeping up to date with new music and sounds. Here are some great examples of how creators have used Rodrigo’s “Vampire” track to accompany their new videos. 

  • This creator used this track to show off her latest Summer, warm weather hairstyle: 
  • Want to make a video on how to make a fun calorie-deficit snack? Vampire is a great song choice to pair it with: 
  • This Dog Groomer and TikTok creator, DogsbyLogan uses Vampire as background music in his video explaining how he grooms a German Shepherd:
Barbie World

Barbie mania is officially everywhere and the world of TikTok has embraced it. There are several sounds circling the platform at the minute, all originating from the new movie’s soundtrack. 

Use Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice and Aqua’s new track to show off your Mattel-inspired pink fits, decor and food. Or jump on the ‘Hi Barbie’ bandwagon and use this hilarious audio from the film itself. 

Whatever you do, Your business needs to embrace the Barbie craze. Even if it means a simple Q&A video asking your employees which film they’d rather see - Barbie or Oppenheimer? Here’s a great example of Liverpool Football Club getting involved -

Sick & Twisted 

This trend speaks for itself. Have you ever found yourself in a situation that can only be described as "sick and twisted?” Use this funny audio to explain the unfair situation. And remember, the funnier the better! 

Popular cafe and juice shop, JOE & THE JUICE, used this sound to poke fun at their decision to use dome lids rather than flat lids for their cups. An unpopular opinion for many on the app.

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