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What’s new in Social Media? - May 2024

16 May 2024

Welcome back, social media enthusiasts! As we are well into the vibrant (and surprisingly sunny!) month of May, let's explore the essential updates you need to know across all social media platforms. Read on to stay one step ahead of the game. 

AI Advancements: Meta's Next-Level Personalisation for Marketers

Meta continues to redefine the boundaries of social media with its cutting-edge AI features. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, Meta is empowering users with personalised experiences like never before. One of Meta’s new developments gives marketers the power to generate diverse image variations with text overlay capabilities, all tailored to a brand's unique ad creative. Marketers can effortlessly capture an array of backgrounds or scenic settings to complement the product featured within an image. This is set to revolutionise the content creation game and open doors to a new era of precision and personalisation in advertising. 

Instagram's Exclusive 'Blend' Feature

Instagram is teasing yet another new feature, and it's set to be the best one yet! In a bid to offer users a more intimate sharing experience, Instagram has rolled out a new feature called 'Blend'. This feature allows users to create and share Reels with a select group of followers. Think of it as a private TikTok 'For You' page, but just for you and your closest friends. This adds a new way for users to engage with each other through video content - which is something different to what we have seen before (and not currently available on TikTok😉). With this new feature, users can express themselves freely in a more confined digital space, allowing them to build deeper connections within their social circles. 

TikTok Strikes a Chord with Universal

Remember TikTok's fallout with Universal Group which led to hundreds of songs being removed from the platform overnight? Well, it seems they are friends again after a new agreement has been signed. This partnership ensures a diverse catalogue of music for TikTok creators to use when generating organic content. It also opens new doors for innovative collaborations and licensing opportunities with well-known and up-and-coming artists. 

​​Facebook's Vertical Video Venture

In a move to stay ahead in the race for short-form video supremacy, Facebook has revealed its vertical video feature. Competing with the likes of Instagram Reels and TikTok, Facebook's vertical videos offer a seamless browsing experience which is optimised for mobile screens. With an array of creative tools and a vast user base, Facebook aims to carve its niche in the rapidly evolving landscape of short-form content. Creators and advertisers alike can explore new avenues of storytelling, with a variety of diverse creative techniques. One of our favourites is the split screen feature (how unique 😎). As social media continues to evolve, vertical videos are emerging as a powerful tool for driving engagement, building connections, and sparking meaningful interactions within the digital world. 

Social media continues to grow with updates coming in thick and fast to stay updated with consumer preferences. With each update, social media platforms pave the way for new forms of expression, connection and creativity. 

That's all for this month's update! Keep an eye on our blog page for the latest social media updates along with tips and tricks to help you upgrade your social media strategy. Take care!👋