What's New In Social Media - August 2023

18 August 2023

Hey there, social media enthusiasts! Welcome back to our monthly roundup of all the exciting happenings in the world of social media. As we dive into the dog days of August, let's explore the latest buzz and updates that have been shaking up the digital landscape. From TikTok's innovative features to Meta's groundbreaking audio AI tool, there's plenty to talk about. Let's uncover the hottest social media trends of the month!

1. TikTok's Text Posts: Sharing Stories In A New Way

TikTok, the beloved hub of short-form creativity, has done it again. Say hello to text posts – the freshest addition to their ever-expanding repertoire. With text posts, users now have a simpler way to express themselves beyond videos. Whether it's sharing stories, poems, recipes, or other written content, this feature broadens the canvas for creators to paint their narratives. TikTok's mission is crystal clear: to provide an even easier way to let your creativity shine. So, if you're a wordsmith in a video-centric world, rejoice – this feature is tailor-made for you!

2. Meta's AudioCraft: Crafting Soundscapes With AI

Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, has turned heads with their latest innovation: AudioCraft. This audio AI tool is a game-changer, transforming text into high-quality audio and music. Imagine typing out a description of the audio you envision, watching as AudioCraft weaves its magic into reality. The most exciting part? Meta is open-sourcing these AI models, allowing researchers and practitioners to explore and refine the world of AI-generated audio. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey like never before!

3. YouTube's Enhanced Shorts Experience

YouTube's Shorts have leapt forward this August, taking on Instagram and TikTok with a wave of new features. Brace yourselves for the good stuff:

  • Collab: Ever dreamt of creating alongside your favourite YouTuber or Shorts creator? With Collab, you can now craft Shorts side by side, adding a dash of collaboration to your content.
  • New Stickers: Express yourself better with fresh stickers, including an upcoming Q&A sticker that bridges the gap between creators and their audience.
  • Go Live: YouTube is diving into vertical live experiences with mobile-first testing, making live interactions even more dynamic.

As YouTube turns up the heat on the competition, creators and viewers alike are in for a treat with these exciting updates!

4. TikTok's Exclusive Subscriber-Only Videos

TikTok is evolving the way brands and creators connect with their audience through Subscriber-Only Videos. These exclusive gems are a treat reserved for subscribers, fostering interactions that go beyond the live room. With the ability to like, comment, and engage with each other, subscribers are building deeper connections with their favourite creators. TikTok has once again upped the ante for meaningful engagement – it's time to get exclusive!

5. YouTube's Golden Nuggets: Gaining Subscribers From The Pros

If you're a brand aiming to boost your YouTube presence, listen up! YouTube has tapped into the wisdom of six seasoned creators, each boasting over 10 million subscribers. Their secret sauce? From Liza Baez, the Shorts aficionado from Mexico, to the impressive Susy Mouriz, who gained 10 million subscribers in just two years – these creators are sharing their golden tips on achieving YouTube stardom. Their journeys are a treasure trove of insights that can kickstart your brand's social media strategy. After all, learning from the best is the ultimate growth hack!

And there you have it – the highlights of the social media scene this August. From the fusion of text and video on TikTok to Meta's AI symphonies, and YouTube's power-packed updates, the digital landscape is as vibrant as ever.

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