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What’s trending on TikTok this month? - June 2022

17 June 2022

TikTok is a complex platform! Are you struggling to create short-form video content for your business or brand? We can help! Check out these trending sounds that will help to level up your TikTok game…

Hot New Bombshell

Summer has arrived and so has Love Island! Of course, the popular reality show has exploded onto our For You page, as a number of love island sounds are trending on the platform. The easiest way to hop on this trend is to think of an activity you do all the time. Next, using this sound, film yourself walking into the room (add props if you’d like) and spell it out via text overlay. Take a look at this funny example…

Better off alone

This one is great if you’ve got a bigger team and want to get your co-workers/friends involved. The trend is to use the iconic 90s Eurodance Hit by Alice Deejay, Better Off Alone, and film yourself in various funny positions. The best way to do this is to set up your phone on a tripod. Using the timer tool on TikTok, film yourself periodically in different wacky positions to this sound. Get creative, use different levels and make sure that everyone stays super still when filming. You’ll have a laugh making this one.

Here’s our take on the trend…

I Am José Mourinho

Do you have a life hack that cheats the system? This trend is where you share it! Using this funny audio from professional football manager, José Mourinho, and using the text overlay tool, share your clever (or your not-so-clever) tricks.

Here’s a great example from M&S, playing on the “turn it off and on again” trick.

I love the National Express

We love this sound at Gather Social, when we first heard it, it made us giggle. The awkward statement - “I love the National Express because I feel like where I go… I can express myself nationally” - can be used cleverly to fit any brand/business niche.

Simmi London Shoes has a fantastic example of how you can use this random yet funny sound to your advantage. Check it out here…

That’s My Life

Sarcasm is the key to this one! The audio says “Well that’s my life! Thank you so much for spending time with me. I hope you enjoyed it because I know I did.” It comes from the mouth of Disney Channel icon and legend, Lizzie Mcguire, and is being used by creators as a funny trend. 

It’s an easy trend to take part in. Film yourself using this audio and use the text overlay tool to state an obvious truth. Here is an excellent example from the popular juice brand, Joe and the Juice. Remember to think outside the box and have fun trying to fit this one into your business/brand’s niche! 

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