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What’s trending on TikTok this month? - December 2022

09 December 2022

Are you struggling to create short-form video content on TikTok for your business or brand? We can help! Check out these trending sounds found on the For You page this Christmas season. Keep reading to learn how to level up your TikTok game…

There Is No Way

Does somebody in your life need to be brought back down to earth? This audio is trending for all the right reasons. Alexis Rose from the show Schitt's Creek has you covered when she says “there is no way you’re getting tickets for that show”.

Use this sound, lip sync and add relevant text overlay to give someone/something a reality check. Here’s a great example of how you can use this up-and-coming sound! 

It's Timeeeeeee 

If you aren’t already pumping out the Christmas content then you’re doing everything wrong. As the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, squeals out in the highest octave, it's (Christmas) TIIIIIIME!

Use this sound in the simplest of ways, just tell us something you’re excited about at the moment or use it for your first Christmas piece of content! Spell it out with the text tool and share it with your followers.

We used it for one of our clients, Pretty Polly, like this, check it out here

I Am Ready To Give Up

Release your inner cheerleader with this funny and sarcastic trend. Bust out some random cheerleading moves and pair this audio with some text concerning what is stressing you out at the moment.

Whether it’s something customers say to you or something in your industry that has been getting on you’re nerves, this trend should go down a treat on the For You page. Click here to see a great example.

My Cue to Leave

Did someone say the easiest trend to follow ever? Record yourself walking through the door and back out again and pair it with this sound! 

Using the text tool, describe a situation where you walk in and something or someone has made you walk straight back out again. We’ve all been there! 

Here’s a great example from a Vegan Silk brand that might spark some inspiration.

It Would Be So Awesome

Have you ever had to persuade someone to see things your way? You know if they did, it would be ‘so awesome’ and ‘cool’. 

Using this sound, film yourself and relate the trend to your niche. You may just want them to obsess over a new TV series like you or you may want to persuade them to go on another trip around the world! Whatever it is, it can easily be made into a relatable TikTok. 

Here’s an example of this trend that we really like from the Children’s Museum!

Did you learn some new trends to try out on TikTok? Visit the Gather Social blog to learn more about how Social Media can transform your business today! Click here to learn more.