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What’s New In Social Media- December 2022

16 December 2022

You’ve made it to the end of the year! Hasn’t 2022 flown by? Throughout the year we’ve seen the world of social media change, grow and transform, it’s been impressive. From Instagram updates to LinkedIn changes and Twitter’s promotions it’s been a busy month for social media. For the last time this year, this blog will give you everything that’s new in social media.

Twitter’s Recommended Content

Watch out Twitter users, there's going to be more recommended content in your feed! Twitter has announced that they are increasing Tweet recommendations from unknown accounts, have you noticed any in your feed yet? This is an interesting change in the platform's algorithm, they usually promote accounts based on a range of signals but this is a switch-up. It’ll be interesting to see if this will make its algorithm any better, although this is tricky when competitors like TikTok have it spot on. Elon Musk has also said that will soon start to see the number of views for posts, similar to what it’s like at the moment for videos. 

 Instagram’s BeReal Updates

With the success of BeReal, it’s no surprise that other platforms are trying to create similar features. They are currently working on a number of updates that are pointing towards some BeReal-like features. Apparently, they are developing something called ‘Glimpse’, which will be similar to BeReal that will share a candid image to people’s stories. They’re also looking to incorporate this into DMs and group chats too called ‘Rollcall’, like the BeReal feed. Will you be taking part in Glimpse when it launches?

 LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn has announced a series of updates, aimed at brands and marketers. For newsletters, you will now be able to subscribe to them on LinkedIn and for product pages, these products will now be able to be found on a highlights page. They’re also introducing more analytics to compare yourself against competitors, to see your specific engagement and follower rates. This is vital as it will allow you to see how you’re doing compared to other similar companies, you’ll be able to see what successful companies do and how you could start doing something similar.

 Instagram Report

A recent Instagram report has predicted that digital influencers will be huge to Gen-Z audiences in 2023. This report was measuring topics, issues and trends for its Gen-Z users, it was based on 1200 of these users. However, the report also pointed out some rather pressing issues, unsurprisingly sustainability came out as one of the top issues for Gen-Z users. Think of this in terms of the amount and type of fashion content Instagram has, or simply just interacting with content that has sustainable products in it, such as skin care.

Landscape TikToks

Have you ever thought about TikTok going landscape? Whilst there is yet to be an official statement or announcement by TikTok, some users have been seeing TikToks that automatically adjust to landscape when their phone is turned to the side. This change of format is something new and a change for TikTok, maybe this might pave the way for other formats too. Keep an eye out!

That’s all of our 2022 updates! Which ones surprised you and which ones are you going to keep an eye out for? If you want some more social media info and updates, click here to browse through our other blogs.