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What’s New In Social Media - February 2023

21 February 2023

The year is flying by and we’re almost in March! 2022 had many interesting social media updates and 2023 is no different. From new TikTok insights to a new Instagram feature, this blog will talk about all things new and exciting in social media this February so you know what to expect!

TweetDeck Exclusivity 

It looks like TweetDeck will eventually become an exclusive feature for Twitter Blue users, so you’ll only have access to the management app if you’re a paying user. This would make Twitter Blue a more appealing option for many social media users, would you want to subscribe to it? With Twitter Blue currently having only 300,000 subscribers, Twitter will be looking to really sell the service and its benefits over the coming months, starting with its TweetDeck Exclusivity.

TikTok’s Data Insights

This month, TikTok has added an impressive 70,000 insights to its TikTok insights tool; this app can be used to find trends and what’s popular with users. This tool was created in May and features a range of stats, so you might need to filter it to find what you’re specifically looking for but it can your understanding of the platform and ensure you’re staying relevant to your audience.

Instagram Memories

Instagram has got a new feature to encourage users to share their old posts, through a section called ‘Memory’. Have you seen this pop up on your feed? It’s basically Instagram’s archive but is now in a more convenient place to prompt you to use it. You’ll be able to find stories that you’ve posted previously and you’ll have the option to reshare them with your followers. Will you be using this feature?

Snapchat Hits 750 Million Users

During Snapchat’s 2023 Investor Day, they announced that they have now hit 750 million monthly active users, how impressive! They previously announced they had hit 600 million last April, what a big jump! The platform still continues to grow across the globe, and we wonder what new features they’ll introduce in the future, they certainly have room to do, especially with their latest AR tools.

TikTok’s In-Stream Shopping Tests

TikTok is carrying on trying to push in-stream shopping, having launched a purchasing initiative with some retailers. Some US retailers have an in-stream shopping section on their profiles, which consists of an overview and a direct purchase section. This all happens as part of the app, as opposed to a website that only retailers use. Have you noticed any retailers with this feature? We wonder when this will be rolled out to UK retailers. Keep your eyes peeled!

That’s all the updates for February! Which ones surprised you the most? For more social media information like this, visit our blog page today!