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What are the key marketing dates for October 2023?

06 October 2023

October is finally here and we are past the 100-day mark to Christmas, but before we dust off our festive jumpers, don’t forget it’s now spooky season! With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start boosting your marketing efforts. Carry on reading our blog to learn how you can enhance your business's marketing strategy.

International Coffee Day

1st October 

International Coffee Day, celebrated annually on October 1st, is a global celebration of the world's most beloved beverage: coffee. This day is dedicated to recognising the significant impact coffee has on our lives, from the daily ritual of brewing a fresh cup to the social connections it fosters. Furthermore, International Coffee Day acknowledges the efforts of coffee farmers, traders, and baristas who contribute to the journey of coffee beans from farm to cup. All in all, this is a day that encourages everyone to take a moment to appreciate this beloved caffeinated beverage and the people who made it.

How to include in your strategy:

International Coffee Day offers businesses a chance to boost their marketing efforts. Coffee shops can run special promotions or introduce unique blends, while other businesses can engage by sharing coffee-related content, partnering with local cafes, or organising culture trips to a local coffee shop. It's an opportunity to connect with customers over a shared love for coffee and demonstrate creativity in marketing strategies.


World Mental Health Day

10th October

World Mental Health Day, celebrated on October 10th annually, aims to raise global awareness about mental health issues and advocate for better mental health care access. It encourages open conversations, education, and the destigmatisation of mental health challenges. This day emphasises the significance of mental well-being and the need for resources and support for those facing mental health issues.

How to include in your strategy:

Businesses can make a positive impact on World Mental Health Day by incorporating mental health awareness into their marketing strategy. You can run campaigns that promote mental well-being, share resources for managing stress, or spotlight the importance of work-life balance. 

Additionally, offering employee support initiatives, like mental health workshops or counselling services, not only demonstrates a commitment to staff well-being but can also be shared as part of a company's social responsibility efforts. Engaging in these activities can not only build a more empathetic and supportive brand image but also contribute to a healthier and more productive work environment, benefiting both employees and the business itself.



31st October

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, and is a popular holiday known for its spooky and creative traditions, such as costume parties, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and ghost stories. It's a day that combines fun, creativity, and a hint of the supernatural, bringing communities together to enjoy a unique and entertaining celebration.

To learn more about the history of Halloween, click here

How to include in your strategy:

Businesses can use the Halloween season to enhance their marketing strategy. This involves crafting themed offerings, promoting Halloween discounts, and organising costume contests or social media giveaways. Sharing Halloween-themed content like eerie tales, trivia, or DIY decoration tips can captivate and amuse audiences. 

Collaborating with influencers or teaming up with local events can also heighten brand visibility during this festive period. By embracing the Halloween buzz, businesses can connect with customers in a fun and unforgettable manner, all while boosting sales and reinforcing brand identity.


Stoptober Month

1st-31st October

Stoptober is a public health campaign observed every October. The initiative is designed to encourage and support people in quitting smoking for the entire month of October, with the goal of helping them kick the habit for good. Stoptober provides various resources, such as a mobile app, online communities, and expert advice, to aid individuals in their smoking cessation journey. It emphasises the benefits of quitting, not just for one's health but also for one's wallet, as it can lead to significant savings. 

Stoptober has been successful in motivating thousands of people to quit smoking, making it a vital campaign in the ongoing efforts to reduce smoking rates and improve public health.

How to include in your strategy:

Businesses can integrate Stoptober into their marketing strategy by showing support for this health-conscious initiative. They can create campaigns that promote smoking cessation products, offer special discounts on nicotine replacement therapies, or host events and workshops aimed at helping people quit smoking. Additionally, companies can encourage their employees to participate in Stoptober by providing resources and support, reinforcing a commitment to employee well-being. 

By aligning with Stoptober, businesses not only contribute to a healthier community but also showcase their corporate social responsibility and commitment to public health, which can resonate positively with customers and employees alike.

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