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Santander UK’s Success with Facebook Video Ads

02 July 2021

With 14.3 million active users (6.3 million digital customers), and 800 branches, Santander is one of the leading trusted banks in the United Kingdom and has embraced the powers of digital marketing. In the hopes to build loyalty and brand warmth among its existing ‘123 Current Account’ customers, Santander used Facebook video ads and achieved a 19.9-point lift in favourability among its target audience. 

Since its arrival on the UK market in November 2004, Santander UK’s brand promise has been centred around helping people and businesses prosper. Their ‘123 Current Account’ helps them achieve this as it is one of their most popular account options, and allows customers to earn cashback on their household bills and interest on their account balance.

Santander’s goal for the Facebook video ad campaign focused on brand awareness, increased interest in the product amongst potential customers and most importantly to grow loyalty with their existing customers. 

The Campaign:

The broadly targeted, UK-wide marketing campaign was launched in September 2017. Santander aimed to boost its marketing efforts and ran the campaign across a range of platforms, including Facebook, TV, digital display and video on demand.

Teamed up with creative agency Engine to create campaign assets for Facebook, Santander featured ordinary people doing extraordinary things, conveying the message of prosperity. Santander took advantage of user-generated content and featured it in the form of short video ads. This gave the campaign a fresh and innovative feel. 

The Results:

Using Facebook’s brand lift study, Santander were able to measure the results of the campaign.

Andy Freeman, Head of Social Media & Marketing Transformation at Santander UK, spoke to Facebook for Business about the campaign and mentioned as a result there is increased awareness of the brand, the customers have a favourable opinion of Santander and are more likely to recommend them. But it doesn’t just stop there, Freeman also said that since the success of the campaign at Santander they are “constantly refining [their] Facebook content”. 

The Stats:

Between 9th September 2017 and 31st October 2017 the campaign delivered:

  • A 25-point lift in ad recall
  • A 19.9-point lift in favorability
  • And an 18-point lift in ‘likelihood to recommend'

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