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How to make the most of video content

16 April 2021

We’re just a few months into 2021 and it’s clear to see that video content continues to be a very powerful tool for consumers to connect and engage with. With a huge change in consumer habits, many brands have moved online. But The big question is, where are consumers browsing and is video content still influencing their purchasing decisions. This blog will explore these questions and also provide you with some great tips on how your business can stand out from the crowd with video content. 

Where are consumers buying? 

Animoto recently surveyed 580 consumers to help us answer this question. They found that 93% of consumers said that video content was helpful when it came to purchasing a product. This is because consumers prefer this content over reading about a product. Not only this the participants said that their favourite video content from brands was posted on social media, the top platforms being Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. It’s said that 73% of participants express they engage with ads on Instagram stories! This tells us that now, is the time to be making the most of these platforms and video content. 

Top tips on how your business can stand out from the crowd 

1. Create story-friendly content

Vertical video content is continuing to grow in popularity, 2021 is the year to create engaging, eye-catching and relevant vertical video content.

 2. Cater your content to the social platform 

Before posting the same video content across all your social platforms, make sure to consider the audience on each one. For example, short eye-catching content is great for stories but Youtube is better for longer content. 

3. Test your content

Make sure to vary and compare your video ads, this will help you determine what draws in your audience. The only way you can find out what’s truly going to work is by testing the content you’re sharing. 

4. Save the best till first

Be sure not to wait too long to get your message across. If you’re promoting a sale or a promo code, don’t leave it till the end of the video as consumers who like short and sweet video content may end up missing out on the message you’re trying to share. 


If you’re not making the most of video content, then you could be preventing your brand from engaging with up to 93% of your consumer base. To find more blogs like this, click here.