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Everything we learned from the Canva Create Event 2024

14 June 2024

Hey there, design enthusiasts! Welcome back to our blog where we dive deep into the latest trends and updates shaping the social world. Today, we're thrilled to bring you all the juicy highlights from the recently concluded Canva Create Event 2024. This event revealed a treasure trove of innovations, inspirations and new Canva insights to help you on your creative journey. 

Canva: Where Creativity Meets Innovation

If you're plugged into the world of design, chances are you've heard of Canva – the powerhouse platform that's revolutionising how we create. Well, this year's Canva Create Event did not disappoint, serving up a collection of updates and announcements to entice our creative taste buds.

Redesigned Layout: Streamlining Creativity

At the Canva Create Event 2024, the spotlight shone on the platform's redesigned layout, promising a more intuitive user experience. This new interface boasts cleaner aesthetics and enhanced navigation, ensuring effortless design creation for users of all levels. Tools are now more readily accessible and customisation options allow users to tailor their workspace to fit their unique preferences. These new updates aim to encourage a more personalised workflow and homepage. Also, there is now seamless integration with external tools and platforms further improving productivity, and ensuring smooth transitions between tasks. It's like having your own personal design assistant! Canva's commitment to future-proofing design is evident in this update, promising to keep users at the forefront of creative innovation. The redesigned layout marks a significant step forward for Canva, helping to empower its users to expand their creative horizons with ease and efficiency. 

The Power of Collaboration: Canva Enterprise

One of the standout moments from the event was the unveiling of Canva Enterprise, a game-changer for collaborative creativity. It introduces a new centralised admin control centre, which can manage teams and permissions all in one place. This feature introduces the ability to create multiple teams across an organisation to categorise brands, enterprise-level security features and dedicated support for design, onboarding and training. Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth email chains as with Canva Enterprise, collaboration is set to get a whole lot smoother. 

Upgrading Your Brand:

For businesses big and small, maintaining a consistent brand identity is crucial. That's where Canva Work Kit steps in, offering a suite of templates and resources tailored to specific professions to inspire your new projects. Canva has recently launched four new work-kits for Sales, Marketing, HR and Creative teams which are available from the Canva Marketplace. These are also fully customisable using Canva's current Brand Kit feature. Now, with more opportunities for inspiration on Canva, marketers can scale creativity which ultimately drives business success. 

Also, Magic Design has had a new upgrade, including lots of AI-driven features we can’t wait to get our hands on. That means you can now generate higher-quality templates every single time with even less editing or retouching. The feature also lets you describe what you'd like to see or upload your media, and voilà – it crafts professional social posts, presentations, and even videos tailored just for you. With Magic Design, you’ll spend less time tweaking and more time shining. So go ahead, give it a whirl, and let Canva's Magic Design take your creative game to new heights. 

AI Overhaul

And here's the cherry on top: the brand-new Resize & Magic Switch feature. This feature is now equipped to transform any design into another with just a few clicks. Whether it's turning a quick meeting brainstorm into a polished presentation or a project plan into an executive summary. This new feature lets you pivot and push your work further without any extra effort, outside tools, or wasted time. It’s all about maximising your creativity while minimising your workload. 

But wait, there's more! Say hello to Magic Write, Canva’s AI-powered copywriting assistant. This tool generates text in your unique tone of voice, making it sound just like you or your brand. Simply upload a sample, and with a click, Magic Write crafts text that matches your style. With Magic Write, you’ll spend less time editing and more time creating. It’s like having your own copywriting wizard, ready to turn your thoughts into words with a sprinkle of digital magic.

And there you have it, a whirlwind tour of all the exciting updates from the Canva Create Event 2024! From the sleek, redesigned layout that makes managing your creative projects a breeze, to the powerful Resize & Magic Switch feature that transforms your designs in seconds, Canva is all about making your creative process smoother and a lot more enjoyable.

That wraps up the latest from Canva Create 2024! Be sure to visit our blog for future social media announcements, or reach out to us now to enhance your social strategy. 🚀