Discovering 4 Times More Sales From Conversion Lift Studies With Stylepit

28 January 2021

Danish family fashion store Stylepit, stocks and ships a variety of name brand clothing for men, women and children to over 20 countries. Through using a Facebook conversion lift study, they were able to identify a 43% lift in conversions amongst audiences who saw dynamic ads. As a result, they discovered that these ads were responsible for an increase in sales by 4 times.  

Setting new goals 

Stylepit discovered through Last-click attribution that their biggest return from ad spend was retargeted to their website. However, last-click attribution doesn’t take the value of ad impressions viewed across devices into consideration. This led the family fashion store to shift their focus from retargeting to prospecting as they set out to discover the true impact its Facebook ads had on sales and conversions. 

Conversion lift study

They ran a campaign alongside a conversion lift study that was aimed at driving their Danish customer’s sales conversions. This campaign saw Stylepit shift its focus to using broad audience targeting with tailored ads in addition to retargeting dynamic ads to visitors of their website.

Stylepit started off by showing broad audiences dynamic ads and ads including mobile-optimised videos. They tracked people who had interacted with their website and products through Facebook Pixel and created Customer Audiences from their findings. Stylepit then showed these audiences more relevant, conversion optimised ads. 

By comparing results from the test group that saw the ads, and the control group that didn’t, the study was able to measure sales as a result of exposure to the Facebook ads across devices. 

The Results 

After comparing the two, Stylepit compared the results of its traditional attribution measurement tool to this study and found that from the May 7–21, 2020 ads, results included:

  1. Lift in conversions among those who saw the dynamic ads by 43% 
  2. A higher return on ad spend by 3.3 times compared to the previous year
  3. Sales value increase of 3.75 times identified by conversion lift study compared to traditional attribution method.

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