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Announcement: We are an official Buffer partner

19 February 2021

We are a Social Media Marketing agency based in Nottingham, founded in 2015 and have grown from strength to strength over the last 6 years. We are excited to announce a recent partnership with the global brand, Buffer

With no external investment, the team has developed a content management and distribution system. Designed and developed from a concept by the two original business founders, the software has gone through three full rebuilds, funded purely by business profit. The latest version was launched during the first lockdown and has been recognised by Buffer, alongside companies such as Microsoft and WordPress.

The team here at Gather Social have worked with their team of developers at WebWorks who specialise in both website and software development. With lots of ideas and developments of the platform happening constantly, both sides of the teams have worked hard to get the platform to where it is today. 

"It's a crazy achievement for a tiny company like ours to be recognised alongside Microsoft and WordPress. When Amanda from Buffer announced the news to us, I asked her to just repeat it because I was so shocked. It is the proudest moment of my professional life. Having received no external investment, the applause needs to go to the team for their ongoing belief in trying to make their job free from the mundane."

"It also goes to show that anything is possible in this world if you believe in yourself. The business was started with a £300 laptop and bags of belief." Sam Evans - Managing Director

We have aspirations to continue growing, whilst adhering to a business plan which centres around happiness, healthiness and sustainability. We aim to be as disruptive as possible, from our policy of hiring graduates with the freshest creative skill, to our policies around pricing. With a firm focus on profit, the team at Gather Social have a product road map that interlinks directly with the service provision. In the coming years, we hope to continue to develop our cutting edge platform, whilst delivering clients the highest quality affordable content and results backed by data decisions. 

Gather Social Limited - Automate to create more creative time, make creative decisions backed by data, and disrupt!