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Social Success: Sun Life Financial Canada

01 December 2019

The financial services giant used lead ads to encourage potential clients to sign up for a consultation, resulting in a 56% lower cost per lead.

Bright future

Sun Life is a leading international financial services organization founded in 1865. With more than 20 million clients in 24 countries, Sun Life provides its clients with a range of financial services to help them achieve lifetime financial security. 

The Goal

Sun Life wanted potential clients to sign up for a meeting with one of its financial advisors. It also aimed to gather these leads below its standard cost per lead.

The Lightbulb Moment

Previously, they had used link ads to engage with the audience and encourage people to sign up to speak to a Sun Life advisor. The goals were heavily focused on direct response, so therefore the company tried lead ads.
To resonate with people interested in learning how to manage their assets for retirement, Sun Life designed its creative to appeal to many stages of life. This included diverse imagery to reflect a broad audience, as its clients could need advice at any age and any stage of life. The ads were optimized for both mobile and desktop, ensuring people could engage with them on any device.
The company embedded the Facebook Pixel through the website and used it to create a website custom audience based on the pages people visited. Sun Life then targeted ads to these audiences featuring relevant creative that was based on the type of web page they had visited.

Success Story

Sun Life was the first major financial institution to use lead ads. It had such success that the company decided to shift budget from link ads to lead ads. Starting in February 2016, the ongoing campaign achieved the following in the first 90 days: 

    • 56% decrease in cost per lead compared to other platforms


    • over 50% of overall conversions attributed to campaign over a 3-month period

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