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How FlowMotion Achieved Success on Social…

10 December 2019

How FlowMotion Achieved Success on Social… This manufacturer of premium smartphone stabilisers used Facebook video ads and ads in Instagram Stories to showcase its product, doubling sales and achieving an impressive 6X return on ad spend from Facebook alone.

Capture the moment!

Designed and created by adventurers, engineers, and athletes with a passion for videography, tech and the outdoors, FlowMotion ONE is a premium 3-axis smartphone stabiliser. The product provides inspiration for anyone wanting to become a professional filmmaker.

Don’t lose focus!

Released to the public on Kickstarter in November 2017, it raised $1.3 million in just 50 days. Seeking to capitalise on this interest, FlowMotion wanted to increase website pre-orders for the FlowMotion ONE.

Getting into the Flow!

The company targeted ads to large regions based on lookalike audiences. Using these lookalike audiences allowed the FlowMotion to reach and engage new customers by looking at traits that the people in these groups shared with its existing customers that were active. They then retargeted ads to people who had recently visited the FlowMotion website but had not made a purchase.
They went with video ads to bring the smartphone stabiliser to life, using 15–45-second videos that showcased the FlowMotion ONE and its technical capabilities. Thinking mobile-first and wanting to make the viewing experience as immersive as possible, the videos were adapted into multiple formats for different channels—4:5 for Instagram and Facebook News Feed, and full-screen 9:16 ratio for Instagram Stories.
They then used automatic placements to run the ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. This allowed them to find the most relevant optimization events available. They also used Audience Insights to help decide the campaign’s budget, gain customer insights and lay plans for future ad campaigns and business strategies.

Their Success


Despite no experience with Facebook ads, FlowMotion successfully doubled its pre-order sales compared to the previous quarter. They made more sales during this campaign than in the entire previous year. The January 1–March 31, 2018 campaign achieved a 6X return on ad spend on Facebook as well as a 10X overall return on ad spend for the campaign.

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