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Centrepoint increased in-app purchases by 32% find out how

06 December 2019

Measuring ad impact while driving online revenue with Facebook dynamic ads this Middle Eastern retailer successfully increased app purchases by 32% by running a Facebook dynamic ad campaign, while also assessing the ads’ results and impact by using the Test and Learn tool.

One-stop shop

First launched in Kuwait in 2005, Centrepoint has 140 stores across 8 countries in the Gulf region. Centrepoint stores form a part of the Landmark Group, which is one of the largest retail groups in the Middle East. Centrepoint brings together 4 brands under one roof—Lifestyle, Babyshop, Splash and Shoemart—to create a shopping hub for the entire family.

Boosting in-app sales

Centrepoint wanted to get in on the increasing appetite for online shopping and build on its solid base of physical stores throughout Saudi Arabia. The company wanted to see how much Facebook could boost its online revenue by increasing app purchases.


With 86 stores in Saudi Arabia, Centrepoint is primarily known for in-store shopping. It also has a substantial online presence, however, and the majority of its online sales come through its app. Originally deciding to run a weekly facebook campaign to boost sales from its app and also prove to the retailer how much of an impact ads have on sales. Working alongside digital marketing agencies Foward 3D and StitcherAds, Centrepoint targeted the campaign to a broad male and female audience, aged between 18–45. It also ran dynamic ads targeted to people on the basis of their behaviour on the website or within the app.
The campaign used automatic placements on Facebook and Instagram to generate optimum results at the lowest average cost. Then, using an iterative approach called Test and Learn, Centrepoint compared conversions between a test group that had seen the ads and a control group that didn’t. Then evaluating the increase in additional conversions caused by the ads.
Finally, by studying in-app events, Centrepoint was able to gain a range of insights into customer behaviour, such as what they were buying and how much they were using the app. 
Centrepoint’s campaign, which ran between November 25–December 2, 2018, successfully stimulated online sales and helped the company better understand its customers. Its results included a 32% increase in in-app purchases and 3.2X higher return on ad spend.
This blog was originally from Facebook.