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Boosting click-to-purchase rate with YANADOO

09 October 2020
YANADOO utilised Instagram ads boosting click-to-purchase rate by 35%. The well known English language online education company in Korea with over 1.3 million students it is monopolising the foreign language game. They wanted to utilise Instagram ads to create branded content ads increasing website traffic. 
“Thanks to this branded content ad campaign, we were able to show customers a new type of ad and drive performance. Though the education industry does not have as many relevant influencers as the beauty and fashion industries, we discovered that it is possible to find influencers who can drive performance.”

Creating a buzz

YANADOO wanted to create a campaign that would create a buzz around their website and increase online sales while also being as cost-effective as possible. Partnering with influencers the brand created creative content explaining what YANADOO does and how it can increase English skills. All ads featured the slogan “Only 10 minutes a day”  targeting those who wanted to learn the language but felt it would be too time-consuming. 

Boosting click-to-purchase

The campaign targetted a wide audience focusing on pushing the influencer content in a mix of carousel ads and link ads, all images explained how quick and easy the site is to use and how it can benefit learners. YANADOO ran the campaign on all social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram with automatic placement and budget optimisation. Over the course of the campaign, YANADOO managed to obtain a 35% increase in click-to-purchase rates. It also managed a 20% decrease in cost per purchase, a 24% decrease in cost per level test completion and a 1.55% increase in click-through rate.
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