Boosting brand awareness by 95% with Norwegian Air 

03 July 2020

Norway’s largest airline Norwegian air managed to set out boosting brand awareness increasing it by 95% in the UK and 79% in Spain. Running an Instagram and Facebook video ad campaign to help build the brand long term while also producing short term results.

“This production model is truly valuable, as it is efficient in terms of production, post-production, but also delivery and campaign plans for individual market KPIs. It allows us to develop it faster within our market and to present the concept in a structured way, with various development options.”
Lucie Aubry, Global social media manager, Norwegian Air 


A sound strategy

Working with its content creation agency Ink Global, and with advice from Facebook Creative Shop. Norwegian created a campaign based on the distinctive sounds of a city. This was the first time a travel company had relied on sound to appeal to an audience within the predominantly visual video environments on Instagram and Facebook.
Norwegian decided to test this sound-based creative approach in New York. The videos, comprising four noisy “only in New York” scenes, were shot in three days, using the vertical format that works best on mobile. All videos were both visually attractive and rich in audio. Although this was designed as a “sound on” campaign, the ads also needed to work with sound off. The visuals were therefore loaded with lively graphics, branding and visual hints about sound.
The “Sounds of a City” campaign ran in France, Spain and the UK, although activity in France was curtailed by travel restrictions.

“The campaign results show that we cracked how to use this channel!”
Keo Grieg Toyomasu, senior vice president marketing, Norwegian Air

The results, measured via a brand lift study on Facebook and Instagram, were so impressive that Norwegian plans to extend the campaign to feature London, Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles. Running during January–February 2020, the first campaign produced:

    • 95% increase in brand awareness in the UK


    • 79% increase in brand awareness in Spain


    • 1.6 million people reached in Spain


    • 2.8 million people reached in the UK


    • 58,000 additional people in Spain and the UK indicated that they would fly Norwegian to New York in the future

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