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Sparkasse: Demonstrating The Strength Of Facebook Ads

23 October 2019

How do you get people to pay attention to your adverts? It’s a question that’s left many marketers scratching their heads for decades. This has become even more difficult in the current digital landscape as the average user is exposed to more marketing noise than ever before. This is reflected in the shrinking human attention spans as recent reports show that it’s decreased to somewhere between 8 and 7 seconds. 
However, Sparkasse was able to buck the trend as they saw over 7 million views through the use of video ads, messenger bots and precise targeting to encourage people to use their new peer-to-peer transfer service - Kwitt.
The campaign aimed to entice more people to use Kwitt. To achieve this, Sparkasse partnered with 3 different companies each specialising in either media, creatives or bot programming. 
Once the foundations were established, the campaign was rolled out in 3 phases. The first stage was used to introduce its brand mascot, known as the repo man. This muscly character was the main feature in their video ads and helped Kwitt to grab the attention of their initial audience. The size of the audience and the frequency of which they were shown this advert was controlled by Sparkassen through Facebook's reach and frequency buying tool, this allowed them to be able to decide how the content was delivered to their target customers and in what order.
From this campaign, the brand saw users create 135,000 personalised videos and share them across Messenger, which only cost them €0.0087 per view. This lead to more user engagement as the results show a 22% increase in "send money" transactions per day. Sparkasse and Kwit is a perfect example of what can happen when you think outside the box.
"The campaign generated lots of attention for the new Sparkasse app feature Kwitt, in a very cost-effective manner. It also had a big impact on Kwitt transactions. Facebook helped by offering ideal campaign management options such as reach and frequency, video view retargeting, traffic generation directly into Messenger and the option to use a bot for Messenger for video customisation." - Jana Dietrich, Digital Consultant, and Kerstin Lies, Online Marketing Manager, Sparkasse-Finanzportal
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