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Social Media Success: Louis Vuitton

02 October 2019

Luxury fashion is an industry which has been slow to embrace social media, however, some brands have begun to understand that an effective social media strategy is integral to successfully win a higher market share. One brand which has certainly caught on is luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton. 

Founded in 1854, Paris-based fashion house Louis Vuitton is synonymous with style and luxury. The fashion house has a history of innovation - from the materials used in its products to its runway shows and marketing campaigns. Their latest campaign was no less innovative, as Louis Vuitton were amongst the first luxury fashion brands to use Facebook’s store traffic ad objective.

Louis Vuitton’s goal was to inspire in-store sales at Christmas time. The brand aimed to move consumer interest into sales results by targeting ads to potential customers when they were within a set radius of one of their boutiques. Facebook’s advanced store traffic ad objective allows brands to target ads to people who are most likely to visit a physical shop. 

The brand’s Christmas 2018 campaign was made to showcase its products, inspire shoppers and stay at the forefront of their customer’s minds throughout the holiday season, to lead to increased store traffic. The main message behind the campaign encouraged customers to find the perfect gift in the ‘enchanted’ world of Louis Vuitton, bridging the gap between people’s online and in-store shopping journeys. 

Naturally, fashion translates best into visuals. With the use of Facebook’s carousel ad format, the images showcased Louis Vuitton products alongside a map showing customers where they could find the nearest store. This format allowed consumers to find local boutique information in the most convenient way. 
Running from November 26-December 24 2018, the Facebook campaign achieved outstanding results, including:

    • 13,000 recorded store visits. 
    • 742,000 people reached.
    • €1.26 cost per store visit.

Alongside its impressive social media campaigns, the brand understands the importance of having a strong social media presence. They post regularly on their channels - images and videos from catwalk shows, ad campaigns, promotional events, store openings and influencers wearing their designs. This has paid off, with Luxe Digital ranking them as the third most popular luxury fashion brand online. It is also the highest-ranking luxury brand on Forbes’ 2018 most valuable brands index. This is evidence of how a strong social media presence is important in every industry. 

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