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Pure success with PureGym

11 September 2020
PureGym utilised Facebook’s conversion lift tool to carry out an incrementality study. Resulting in an increase of 1,000 gym subscriptions, continue reading this blog to find out more.

Reinventing the gym 

PureGym is known for offering affordable memberships, with a huge audience of younger people the national brand launched a modern campaign to promote its free-to-use fitness app, 24/7 gym access and contract-free membership packages.
PureGym used Facebook ad campaigns, as they wanted to test the value of its prospecting and retargeting campaigns to understand how they contributed to conversions.

Facebook’s conversion lift

With help from iProspect, PureGym used Facebook’s conversion lift feature to run a multi-cell incrementality study of its typical prospecting and retargeting ad activity on Facebook.
PureGym’s campaigns reached both new and existing audiences usually use Facebook and Instagram ads optimised for conversions, with a roughly 60/40 budget split between the platforms.
To measure incremental lift as a result of these campaigns, PureGym and iProspect reduced the retargeting budget by 75% for a monthlong campaign and set up a control group of people who would not be exposed to the ads.
To ensure that the study measured business-as-usual conditions, PureGym opted to keep its ad creative consistent and used its standard link ads for this campaign.

The success

The conversion lift study helped PureGym establish the true value of its Facebook ad activity and allocate its budget more effectively to get the best results. The July 2019 study identified:

  • More than 1,000 incremental gym subscriptions in one month

  • £29,000 in incremental sales

  • 6.9% lift in conversions

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