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ONTIME drove a 32x return on ad spend in 2020 Eid campaign

16 December 2020

Leading accessories retailer, ONTIME offers a wide selection of branded watches and trend-based jewellery across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iraq. In addition to their regional presence, ONTIME also has an online presence with an even wider selection of products.

Adapting To COVID-19

Earlier this year, ONTIME took notice of how the coronavirus pandemic would affect Eid in 2020. Due to the nature of the festival, Eid is usually a very competitive time for retailers. However, in 2020, people couldn’t be given gifts face-to-face, which meant that ONTIME had to focus their attention on online sales. 

In light of this, ONTIME partnered with a performance marketing agency, Merkle, who designed and ran an Eid campaign adapted to the changes that COVID-19 brought. This campaign aimed to drive online sales by promoting high-value products that could be bought as gifts for the festival, alongside discount codes. 

Creating Dynamic Ads For Lookalike Audiences

In order to do this, their teams went for a data-led approach in which they started by creating lookalike audiences, based on their regular store and website visitors, as well as people who were interested in fashion and accessories. 

After this, the two companies set up product feeds for all of ONTIME’s top products, which were split into 3 key product categories, in order to ensure that their top products would automatically appear in dynamic ads. 

These ads were shown in Facebook News Feed and Instagram Fees and Stories, which were optimised for conversions. This meant that during this 11-day campaign, relevant products and discount information were directed towards audiences in relevant countries in the Gulf region. These people were then directed to ONTIME’s website with a strong call to action. 


As a result of ONTIME bringing a combination of relevant products and enticing discounts to high-intent audiences, they were able to stand out against their competitors during Eid. Between May 21st and 31st, their ads helped them to achieve;

  • 32X return on ad spend
  • 33% increase in average order value
  • 3.1X more website visits
  • 69% decrease in cost per website visit


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