Facebook dynamic ads with Ralph Lauren UK

05 June 2020
Classic American fashion brand Ralph Lauren utilised Facebook dynamic ads, which delivered a 4.2X return on ad spend. Celebrating its sponsorship of the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Playing Wimbledon

Ralph Lauren wanted to reinvigorate its established relationship with the Wimbledon tennis tournament by bringing the world of elite tennis to a young audience. The company also hoped to increase sales of its Polo Ralph Lauren fashion line.

Facebook dynamic ads

For Wimbledon 2019, Ralph Lauren worked with creative agency Lost Mechanics, All England Lawn Tennis Club and the creative strategy unit Facebook Creative Shop to create a fresh campaign for its Polo Ralph Lauren brand inspired by its sponsorship of the tennis tournament. The result was a fun and unique mobile game, Playfully Wimbledon, which could be played directly on Facebook and Instagram.
The game allowed people to choose a ball girl or boy dressed in official Polo apparel and chase down loose balls to pick up points. People could compete against other players and share the game with friends.
Ralph Lauren launched the game on Facebook and Instagram using a series of playful ads that appeared in Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed. Instant Experience and ads in Stories offered a chance to click to play the game, while poll ads and ads in collection format encouraged viewers to explore the Polo Ralph Lauren collection. The campaign included several prompts to click through to the Ralph Lauren website to make a purchase.
The campaign also incorporated an offline element. On the day of the Men's Championship Final, Ralph Lauren hosted a live gaming tournament at its flagship London store. Attended by gaming influencers, the event gave people to try the game online for themselves.
The campaign proved to be an effective way of bringing Wimbledon to a wider audience, with over 130,000 individual players completing over 210,000 game sessions. Young people were particularly interested, with the game attracting more 18- to 24-year-olds than any other age group.

“We were excited to experiment with Facebook Instant Games for our Wimbledon campaign. Not only did it help us engage a younger audience, but we were delighted with the number of game sessions played. Working with Facebook Creative Shop helped us to reach new levels of digital innovation.”

 Alicia Castellana Digital Director EMEA, Ralph Lauren

The results 

Ralph Lauren successfully harnessed the power of mobile gaming on Facebook and Instagram to reinvigorate its traditional partnership with Wimbledon. The 2019 campaign achieved:

  • 210,000 game sessions

  • 6.3-point lift in purchase intent

  • 4.2X return on ad spend

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