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Facebook dynamic ads with ME+EM

15 June 2020

Using Facebook dynamic ads a UK eCommerce business boosted brand awareness and grew purchases by 34%.  With a combination of Facebook and Instagram tools that engaged and inspired, then motivated women to place their order.

Facebook dynamic ads

ME+EM wanted to grow its customer base by creating a one-month campaign that drew on some of Facebook’s most powerful marketing tools to transform ME+EM’s ad performance. They started by creating a global product catalogue to allow ME+EM to easily reach UK and US audiences in the same campaign. Then, they created memorable branded assets to use in carousels and collection ads as well as engaging video ads (with mobile-friendly vertical versions).
Broad audiences who had expressed interest in ME+EM, even if they had not yet visited the website, saw dynamic ads that showcased relevant products in the eye-catching carousel and collection ad formats. Further audiences included women aged 24 and older who were interested in luxury goods, women’s clothing and relevant retailers, and lookalike audiences based on ME+EM’s top customers. People who visited the website or added a product to their cart also saw retargeted ads.
ME+EM used a combination of conversion and catalogue sales ad objectives for the campaign and optimised the ads for purchase events. A brand lift study measured the impact of the campaign on ME+EM’s brand awareness metrics.

Styling it out

By combining engaging ads, highly relevant broad audiences and the global product catalogue, ME+EM drove strong results. Between September–October 2019, the ads achieved:

    • More than 90,000 people reached


    • 34% increase in purchases


    • 40-point lift in ad recall


    • 25-point lift in unaided brand awareness

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