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DryNites UK

01 March 2020
Using Facebook Instant Experiences to entice parents.
DryNites raised brand awareness by 3.5 points with a unique campaign that showed educational content in Facebook’s interactive Instant Experience ad format to engage parents across the UK.

Carefree comfort

DryNites is childcare brand from Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, whose disposable pyjama pants and bed mats are designed to keep children of bedwetting age dry and worry-free. The goal was simply to raise brand awareness of its pyjama pants. To do this, it wanted to reach parents of young children and debunk common myths about the challenge of bedwetting.

Educating parents with interactive Experiences

Teaming up with digital agency RocketMill to run an autumn 2019 brand awareness campaign. Drynites decided that their strategy was to establish product awareness across a wide audience with video ads, before engaging interested audiences with more immersive ad content.
DryNites and RocketMill first showed a product-focused video ad to a broad UK audience of parents of young children. To achieve the best possible reach and frequency, selecting automatic placements, which also meant that ads were seen in all Facebook placements and on a variety of platforms. This was a smart choice for a brand awareness campaign because ads that appear frequently across platforms become more memorable to audiences.
The next step for Drynites and RocketMill was to develop a Custom Audience based on people who had viewed the video for a minimum period of time. Then, they showed this audience a further ad, this time in the interactive Instant Experiences format. The Instant Experience invited viewers to explore the subject of bedwetting in more detail, such as by scrolling through the most common myths around bedwetting and then swiping right to debunk these myths. The campaign’s impact on brand awareness was then measured in a brand lift study.

Nites to remember

DryNites reached a wide audience of parents in its October–November 2019 campaign and successfully drove brand engagement through informative Instant Experiences. The results of the 5-week campaign revealed:

  • 1.98 million people reached

  • 3.5-point lift in brand awareness

  • 14% lift in ad recall

This blog was originally taken from Facebook.