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Generating Brand Awareness With Cosmetic Derma Medicine

20 March 2020

Cosmetic Derma Medicine is a leading Greek provider of cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic plastic services. The goal was generating brand awareness through a Black Friday deal to multiple Facebook Custom Audiences.
Cosmetic Derma Medicine is a leading provider of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery in Greece and Cyprus. Its 11 clinics offer a portfolio of treatments that represent the latest in hair removal, injectable treatments and plastic surgery.
Cosmetic Derma Medicine wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday shopping season to generate brand awareness and encourage online bookings for its laser hair removal services.

Generate brand awareness

With Black Friday approaching Cosmetic Derma Medicine decided to take this opportunity to create a campaign in two distinct phases. Phase one, which ran for four days before Black Friday, the business showed leads ads with a teaser video giving hints about the special offer to a broad audience of women in Greece and Cyprus aged 18 and older. Then, Cosmetic Derma Medicine created a Custom Audience of people who completed the lead form from the teaser ads.
Next, Cosmetic Derma Medicine revealed details of the offer to the Custom Audience of leads from the first phase, as well as segmented Custom Audiences of past customers and website visitors. These people saw mobile-friendly, attention-grabbing video and photo ads promoting the Black Friday special offer with a “Book Now” call to action.
The campaigns ran in five of Greece’s largest cities and two cities in Cyprus, to match the locations of Cosmetic Derma Medicine’s clinics and ensure that only people within easy reach of a branch saw the ads. Automatic placements helped the business to make the most of its budget by showing ads in the places where people were most likely to take action, whether that was in the Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed, on Messenger or Audience Network.

A flawless finish

Cosmetic Derma Medicine’s carefully planned November 2019 campaign attracted high-quality leads and a large percentage of these people went on to book a consultation. The 20-day campaign also resulted in:

    • 48% increase in revenue


    • 75% lead-to-appointment conversion rate


    • 18X return on ad spend

This blog was originally taken from Facebook, for more blogs like this visit Gather Social.