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Cielo: Expanding Your Reach With Facebook Ads

23 October 2019

Cielo was founded in November 1995 in Brazil. Today, Cielo has more than 1.5 million active clients with a presence in more than 5,500 cities in Brazil. The company is a goliath in the electric payments market in Latin America offering mobile and electric commerce, whilst capturing 10% of Brazil’s GDP and 14% of domestic consumption.

What was the goal? 

Cielo wanted to be able to reach a high number of people whilst pushing potential customers from a campaign through that began in July 2017 from their sales funnel. The plan for the strategy was to improve the performance of their ads to get more recognition and new conversions from customers on the brand’s website.
Getting content in front of lots of people in the shortest possible time is an issue that leaves many marketers scratching their heads, but Cielo found their answer in “reach days”. This was more specifically termed “full-funnel diffusion”, which consisted of a combination of three consecutive days of reach. Both of these solutions allowed advertisers to achieve massive reach in just three days.
The campaign took place in Brazil where more than 90 million people visit Facebook every day. With this “diffusion” technique, Cielo was able to reach a considerable number of adults over 18 years of age from this audience. Reaching people is one achievement, but getting their attention is a whole different challenge. 
To achieve this, the brand focused on video ads during the three days that the scope was boosted. They featured both on Facebook in vertical format (taking advantage of the news space on mobile) and on Instagram, in horizontal format (with an aspect ratio of 16:9). The content itself showed comedian Marcelo Adnet taking on different personas from a selection of characters from different types of merchants and businessmen. For example, a fair vendor, a shop owner and a dentist - highlighting one of the advantages of Cielo’s service in each publication. 
They also released a Canvas ad on Facebook which Adnet was displayed with a list of advantages offered by the company. Cielo also used “dissemination” to figure out who responded best to the ads, which allowed them Cielo to optimise the cost per visit. With help from the Wunerman agency, their complete funnel was in circulation from October 24th to 26th 2017.
The results are outstanding. In only three days, Cielo managed to reach 43% of the total number of people who saw the three-month campaign very quickly. Moreover, they also dominated the payment method scene on Facebook during those three days, which helped them to reach 80% of the market share. The results for their website traffic is also impressive:

    • 112% increase in incremental visits to the Cielo website


    • 50% of the Brazilian population on Facebook reached in three campaign days


    • 4 points increase in ad recall


    • 8% increase in the volume of full reproductions


    • 36% decrease in cost per visit, compared to the campaign average

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