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07 January 2020
Popular juice drink energised its brand awareness in the UK with a reach and frequency campaign on Facebook and Instagram that reached 26 million people and resulted in a 13-lift in ad recall.
Pretty much everyone has heard of the popular nostalgic juice drink Capri-Sun with many of us enjoying the fruity pouch as children quenching people’s thirst since 1969. Today the range includes sugar-free and flavoured water versions and is enjoyed by people in more than 100 countries around the world.  Capri-Sun wanted to reach wide UK audiences in this campaign and build both brand awareness and product awareness as a result.

Testing ad creative 

Capri-Sun and digital performance agency iProspect Ireland decided on a four-week campaign across Facebook and Instagram to build awareness of the brand, using reach and frequency buying to achieve wide reach with predictable delivery.
The team also wanted to take advantage of the campaign to test different product sizes. All variables across the two cells remained the same, except the ad creative, which were tailored either the 200ml product or the 330ml product. A broad UK audience of people aged 13 and older saw ads that were also specially adapted for Instagram Stories with engaging full-screen vertical video. People were then polled on brand awareness indicators such as ad recall and intent to purchase, and the results between test groups (who saw the ads) and control group (who did not see the ads) were compared.

Get the juice!

Capri-Sun’s engaging September–October 2019 video campaign successfully reached a wide audience of millions in the UK and measured strong recall and awareness:

  • 26 million people reached

  • 13-point lift in ad recall with best-performing creative

  • 2.2-point lift in brand awareness with best-performing creative

  • 4.2-point lift in action intent with best-performing creative

This blog was taken from Facebook.