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Audi Ireland

16 December 2019

Generating car leads and sales with targeted Facebook photo ads

Read how this German car manufacturer optimised targeted photo ads to drive traffic to its virtual showroom and generate leads and sales of new model cars, reaching over 2.2 million people and achieving a massive 22X return on ad spend.

  • 69 leads generated

  • €190,000 total sales value from the Facebook campaign

  • 22X return on ad spend

German-based Audi is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and has been producing sophisticated, top-quality, state-of-the-art vehicles for over a century, establishing itself as a world-class pioneering brand in the process.
Audi Ireland’s overall goals were to generate website traffic, leads and sales. For this campaign, in particular, Audi wanted to drive people to its online virtual showroom—Audi Live—to introduce people to the new A5 Sportback and Q5 models.
Working alongside agency PHD, Audi Ireland needed to find a way to steer website traffic to the Audi Live Broadcast—its online virtual showroom featuring 2 Audi specialists who present new car models and field live questions.
Set on facebook photo ads Audi decided the best way to get people to visit the site and generate sales was through facebook advertising. A simple yet effective photo of the new model paired with information about the car and direct click-through links so businesses to clearly communicate with audiences and reach potential customers.
Facebook provides over 20% of social referrals to the Audi website, so Audi Ireland was confident it would receive high amounts of traffic to Audi Live. To ensure the traffic was high quality, however, Audi Ireland turned to Facebook’s powerful targeting tools.
By building lookalike audiences—new audience groups based on the traits and interests of a core audience group—Audi Ireland ensured that its ads would be shown to people who were interested in the Audi brand and its products, and would, therefore, be likely to convert to a lead.
Audi Ireland’s campaign successfully generated nearly 70 individual leads, putting them directly in the driving seat. With a total sales value of nearly €200,000. Running from April–May 2017.
This blog was originally taken from Facebook.