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10 January 2020

Turning browsers into shoppers with Facebook dynamic ads

This Israeli organic skincare business took advantage of Facebook dynamic ads to direct personalised product recommendations to encourage people who had abandoned their online shopping carts to return, which increased sales by 2.9X.

Back to nature

Family-run Arugot strives to create natural, organic skincare and cosmetics that contain no harmful or artificial ingredients. Founder Esther Lachman was inspired by nature to create the range, and now teaches herbalism and natural skincare around the world. Arugot wanted to increase sales by focusing on people who had abandoned carts in the online store and encouraging this high-intent audience to complete their purchases.

Retargeting, with a personal touch

Arugot collaborated with digital agency Lior Schorr Digital Marketing for assistance in running a successful campaign that would encourage shoppers to continue through with purchase. Focusing mainly on people who had previously visited the website in the last fortnight and added products to the shopping cart, but not completed the checkout process. Installing the Facebook pixel in the online store allowed Arugot to easily group this audience. Throughout the four-month campaign, Arugoot used Facebook’s product catalogue for the first time ever personalise its ads with relevant products. People in this audience saw engaging dynamic ads in a carousel format that delivered a friendly message, along with images of the products they had added to the cart. The ads also offered a one-time discount to encourage people to take action and click the “Shop Now” call to action.
The results 
As a result of its February–May 2019 campaign, Arugot saw website purchases increase, at an impressive return on ad spend:

  • 2.9X increase in website purchases

  • 11.3X return on ad spend during campaign

  • 78% increase in return on ad spend

This blog was originally taken from Facebook to checkout Arugot's full range visit their website.